John Highsmith, DDS

John Highsmith, DDS

78 Nelson Street
Clyde, NC 28721
(828) 627-9282

We provide you the highest standards of dentistry in an efficient, professional manner; with the superb care we want for ourselves and our family. As your skilled and knowledgeable team, we keep you comfortable while we address your individual needs.

We don't like to treat strangers; we work at getting to know you as a person. At your first appointment, Norma will spend some time with you to understand your hopes and dreams about your mouth and smile.

Commitment to state of the art technology and techniques. We believe in continuing education to learn the latest and best techniques. Dr. Highsmith travels all over the country to further his education, as well as teaches other dentists the latest techniques in occlusion and cosmetic dentistry.

Commitment to quality. We use the techinques, materials that we would want in our own and our families mouths. We use high power magnification in diagnosis and treatment. The funny looking goggles that Dr. Highsmith wears are 4.8 power loupes that greatly magnify the area of treatment. He also uses additional illumination in the form of a fiber optic headlamp. We inspect all impressions with a microscope in the lab, and also use the microscope to trim temporary crowns.

In-office crown and bridge laboratory. Only a very few dental offices have dental labs as a part of the office. Our lab uses microscopes in all phases of constructing your crowns and onlays to ensure proper fit. For cosmetic cases, only a lab technician with a true artist's touch is good enough for your front teeth. Ours are the best in the country.

Commitment to customer service. Ever go to a medical office and sit for an hour next to several people who had the same appointment time as you? That does not happen here. We strive to respect your time and see you when we say we will. Sometimes surprises do happen, and we will keep you informed of any delays. For your comfort, we have a restaurant-quality coffee maker, a selection of teas, as well as a juice bar. Help yourself to Dr. John's candies (no relation, though) which do not promote tooth decay. Of course, the wide selection of magazines are always up to date!

Caring, competent staff. Our team is simply the best--when you meet them, you'll agree! Patients constantly comment on the positive energy they get from our excellent staff. Some have been in this practice for over 20 years!
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