Herbert Mills Dentistry

Herbert Mills Dentistry

275 N. Hwy. 16 • Ste. 204-B
Denver, NC 28037

HERBERT MILLS DENTISTRY is all about making a real difference in the lives and health of our clients.

Our Starting Point and Focus are different from many practices.

Our Starting Point begins with you. We are a small personalized practice and
Dr. Mills sets aside a considerable amount of time to listen and understand each client’s dental needs and concerns. He believes in establishing a relationship with each client because everyone is unique and deserves individualized solutions to their dental needs. Your Initial Therapeutic Visit is a thorough comprehensive examination spent entirely with Dr. Mills.

Our Focus is on your health, both now and perhaps even more importantly on into the future.

Science has established a link between dental infections and problems with heart disease, diabetes, and even pregnancy issues. READ MORE...

Dr. Mills is committed to keeping up with the latest research and adopting the newest technologies. Our training, continuing education and skill sets are focused on enhancing the quality of life and well being of our clients. The practice is set up to facilitate the optimal care and comfort of young adults and adults.

Following the Wellness Model Dr. Mills follows the Wellness Model moving clients from:

Disease ==> Health ==> Protected Health(Wellness)

All aspects of a clients oral health are assessed and diagnosed. Not only are the EFFECTS of dental disease treated but the CAUSES of the disease are treated as well, thus moving a client from Disease => Health => Protected Health. Dr. Mills believes every client can have the benefit of vibrant and lasting health as well as a confident attractive smile.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Minimally Invasive Dentistry is a fantastic new way of treating tooth decay that attempts to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible. “MI Dentistry” involves much less drilling on the teeth and keeps the outside of the tooth looking natural.

The primary key to its use is early detection of the signs of dental disease. Our office utilizes new and advanced technologies currently available to make it possible to do early detection of disease and potentially harmful conditions. This allows us to provide Minimally Invasive Dentistry, restoring the mouth using conservative yet durable procedures.

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